360 Degree Panoramas Photography – Useful Tips and Tricks


360 degree panorama photography is simply the best out there when it comes to capturing high quality images filled with emotions and situations. While everyday photography can capture only a moment in time or an aspect of a situation, 360 degree panoramas photography allows you to capture all the surroundings.An increasing number of high-tech devices and apps allow you to create flawless panoramic photos. While using a smartphone work pretty well for private use, you need a digital camera with more than 15 megapixels for high-quality images. In order to succeed with panoramic photography, there are certain tips and tricks you need to be aware of. Follow the following tips in order to get started with 360 degree panoramas photography and leave your friends shell shocked by your accomplishments.

1. Choose the Right CameraIf you are just starting with in panoramic photography, don’t worry too much about equipment. This type of photography can be achieved using a basic DSLR. After your passion increases, you can purchase a better camera with high-end features.2. Extra EquipmentIn order to create exquisite virtual tours, you certainly need some extras for your DSLR camera. Get a fish eye lens, buy a tripod and a panorama head and also find a remote switch. Prices can vary from $100 to over $3,000. Now it is up to you how much you are willing to pay. For starters, we recommend you purchase more affordable items. After you will get to a certain level, you can invest more money into this hobby or activity.3. Tips, Tricks and TechniquesIt is of paramount importance to know as much as many 360 degree photography techniques and tips as you can. Take into account selecting the right exposure and focus. Ensure that your lens is set to infinity focus, especially when you focus on the sky. When it comes to subject area, you might want to put some objects or have some people in the foreground for a better perspective.

4. Use the Right SoftwareThere are many software available on the market, such as PTgui, Kolor Autopano Pro or Hugin. You can use any of these to stitch your photos together, but in the end you need to use Photoshop to edit your pictures and transform them into photographic masterpieces.Publish your PanoramasOnce all your masterpieces are ready, publish them on 360 Cities or other 360 degree panorama photography platforms. You might be able to monetize your 360 degree photos on certain platforms like Stockphoto, Shuttershock or Veer. You might even make a career out of that, so don’t forget that 360 degree panorama photography is simply the best.


ToBeInStyle Women’s One Piece Monokini Swimsuit w/ Side Cut Out Padded Fully Lined – Pucci Yellow – Small


Spoil yourself this season with this fashionable one piece swimsuit. Shell fabric: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex Fully lined. Inner lining material: 100% Polyester. Light removable breast support cups (peddings) are included. May be easily removed or inserted. Care: Machine wash OK. Cold water recommended. Tumble dry low. Imported.
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Article Writing Tips – How to Write Perfect Articles for Your Internet Marketing Campaign


Distributing high quality, flawless articles is the best thing that you can do to generate enormous attention and quality traffic in the online arena. This is the key to impress both the search engines and online users. It’s also your best shot in building credibility in your niche and building relationship with your potential buyers. Here are the best tips that you can make use of to create the perfect articles for your article marketing campaign. Use these each time you tap on your keyboard so you’ll get the kind of response you need from your audience. Helping your readers should be your number one priority. If you want these people to really pay attention to your articles, you must offer them with useful information.

When deciding on the topics to write, I suggest that you stick with tips list or how-to guides. Based on personal experience, online users will most likely to open your articles if you help them do or solve something. So, instead of writing an article entitled “the history of DSLR cameras”, it would be better if you write an article that offer tips on how online users can identify the best DSLR camera that will fit their needs and demands. Through this, you can help them make well-informed decision when buying their cameras.Keep it short. You don’t want to bore your readers. So, keep your articles very short but meaty. It’s best if you can make them just 300-800 words long. Also, make them easy on the eyes so you can entice more people to read them. You can do this by using very short paragraphs or bullet list. Then, use subheadings. If permitted, highlight the most crucial information so your readers can easily find it. These people will surely appreciate you more if you do this as this will help them save some precious time.Use keywords. Don’t make it too difficult for your target audience to find your articles online. Optimize your copies and do your best to make sure that they’ll come up on relevant searches. Insert keywords on your titles, on each of your paragraphs, and on the first and last 90 characters of your articles. Use synonyms as well and ensure that you will not exceed 2% keyword density.

Provide in-depth information. Your main goal in distributing your articles is to get your readers to click through your resource box and pay your site a visit, right? This will happen if you were able to leave a lasting impression. My suggestion? Make each of your articles speak volumes about your expertise in your field. Offer in-depth information like insider tips, compelling techniques, and trade secrets. If you do this all time, you will not find it too difficult to get your readers to trust you. When this happens, you’ll win half the battle of getting them to sign up to your list and eventually, in getting them to buy the products or services that you sell.

rooCASE 3n1 Nylon Hard Shell (Black) Case with Memory Foam / Fuji NP-45 740mAh Li-Ion Battery / AC DC Charger for Fujifilm FinePix XP10 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera Silver


rooCASE Limited Lifetime Warranty. Exterior Dimension 5.2″ L x 3.6″ W x 2.1 D”. Interior Dimension 4.15″ L x 2.5″ W x 1.1″ D. Like a kangaroo safely carries her young in her pouch, rooCASE offers protective solutions for your precious electronic possessions. rooCASE designers work with your needs in mind, ensuring that cases have not only sturdy exteriors, but also the right-size pockets for smaller accessories. From this starting point of practicality, our designers then consider what”s hip now. Choose from an array of functional yet fashionable cases for your laptop, netbook, or handheld or other electronic device. With rooCASE, quality and craftsmanship meets cutting-edge design.
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2003 Kawasaki ZX12 ZX 12 B Ninja Left Or Rear Head Sohc Camshaft


2003 Kawasaki ZX12 ZX 12 B Ninja Left Or Rear Head Sohc Camshaft

A SOHC Camshaft operates both Intake and Exhaust Valves in the Cylinder Head. On bikes with multiple Cylinder Heads, this is the SOHC Cam on the Left or Rear Head (as you are sitting on the bike). The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Camshaft will be straight and true, showing no excessive wear. All contact surfaces will be within manufacturer specifications. Timing sprocket is included.

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Mennon White balance lens cap 67mm


This brand new White Balance Cap made of durable plastic with neutral tone, suitable for use with any digital SLR and digital video camera with a white balance function and consists of 3 parts: filter mount, detachable cap and a hand strap. A simple instruction manual is included with the Lens Cap.

To use this White Balance Cap simply attach the cap and set custom white balance on your camera. # Set the manual mode on your camera for White Balance. # Attach the lens cap to the lens. # Set the lens focus length to telephoto mode. # Aim your camera to the photographed object. # Keep the white balanced value.
* Affordable for amateur and enthusiast photographers * Functions as a Lens Cap
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Fader 82mm High-Definition Variable Neutral Density Filter – Fader HD-VND-82II

  • New HD Filter to work better with HD video photography
  • Create a slow shutter speed under heavy sun light
  • Allows the use of a large aperture under bright settings
  • Easier to control Flash output
  • No need to carry a bunch of Filters for shooting. One filter gives you the rangefrom ND2 to ND400

Fader 82mm High-Definition Variable Neutral Density Filter – Fader HD-VND-82II.